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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I take responbility for all My Result.

Ya Allah,I was trying so hard in my examination last sem,..soon,my result will come out.. ohh i dont know how to act,i felt so stress,freaking out,nervous and everything seem so messed my mind, i trust all my best with what ive done...i just hope i can pass all the subject, Ameen Ya Rab..

people give me a lot of pressure~~ Recently, some of my friend always told me " you dont need to worried..u r much better than me" "dont think too much...u must have a best result" my heart was like 'Ameen..i really hope so,but please dont put higher hope on me...its just give me a lot of pressure'..., i also feel so nervous when i have to tell my dad about my result..everytime he asked me 'result dah kluar??' wow...i cant breath at all, because i know my dad knw much better about pointer, his speech as lecturer will come out from his mouth..but i'm glad he still give me a lot of support, he knw what the best for me...thnks abh,

when i was sitting my final exam, i pray a lot to HIM, i hope my pointer will much better than last sem, i did improve my skill...i pray in my heart 'ya Allah,please let me do this time, i dont want to hurt my parent...they paid a lot of money for me to see my flying colour,please make it happen,Ameen...

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