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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I take responbility for all My Result.

Ya Allah,I was trying so hard in my examination last sem,..soon,my result will come out.. ohh i dont know how to act,i felt so stress,freaking out,nervous and everything seem so messed my mind, i trust all my best with what ive done...i just hope i can pass all the subject, Ameen Ya Rab..

people give me a lot of pressure~~ Recently, some of my friend always told me " you dont need to worried..u r much better than me" "dont think too much...u must have a best result" my heart was like 'Ameen..i really hope so,but please dont put higher hope on me...its just give me a lot of pressure'..., i also feel so nervous when i have to tell my dad about my result..everytime he asked me 'result dah kluar??' wow...i cant breath at all, because i know my dad knw much better about pointer, his speech as lecturer will come out from his mouth..but i'm glad he still give me a lot of support, he knw what the best for me...thnks abh,

when i was sitting my final exam, i pray a lot to HIM, i hope my pointer will much better than last sem, i did improve my skill...i pray in my heart 'ya Allah,please let me do this time, i dont want to hurt my parent...they paid a lot of money for me to see my flying colour,please make it happen,Ameen...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my hope = reality??

In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful,

wow...its been ages since i wrote last time..maybe i'm so busy with my college life, job and what else??...and maybe something bother me..sigh2..i dont know how to express this one, but just forget it..

i have a hope..and i hope my dream will come true,i dont know what's wrong with me.. every one did..but me?? why so hard..i almost cry a lot when i thought about that...but i'm so glad the chance still in front of my eyes..this time i've to do right, can i??

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

yes!! i still try not to repeat my mistake...Ameen,
whatever people said about me..i don't really care because i know how hard i am to get it, at least i'm trying!!..isn't right?

~~ Don't despair and never loose hope
cause ALLAH is always by our side,INSYALLAH.......~~

Maher Zain song

till right now i'll never stop fighting for it...i hope i will be good tommorow,please pray for me too.. Ameen...

Monday, September 20, 2010

ermmm...mcm2 woo

erm...sejak pi belajar kt bangi rsenyer xde kesempatan nk update blog ni...nseb bek de twitter..
oh ya...still dlm bulan nk wish happy eid,^^ maaf zahir & batin....actually byk jugak bende yg nk list down..coz very da busy tu yg dok lupa..ha2..nvrmnd lerr..
  • ari tu hang out dgn member kt BB xbalik uma pun then kantoi dgn abahh...uhh mmg kne wash abis2 ler..
  • balik kg rye kedua mcm2 terjadi woo..first xcdent kt serbak bernam keta wira akk berasap radiator de terbakar skett..alhamdulliah tiada injury yg blaku.
  • keesokn nyer,tayar lori meletup kt highway...time tu malam so gelapp...keta abh n akk de terlanggar tpi alhamdulliah nothing happen just keta wira de calar terok coz bumper rendahhh
  • lps tu pjalanan balik uma sgt2 mghiburkan..bawak 2 keta,abh still the gud driver,keta wira pas abis repair msing2 kne drive..akak first,second my ummyy..ermm pnt2
  • skrg tgh cuti sem...yes!!! aq suka part ni...tpi xleh srnok sgt..msih de tggungjwb perlu dilaksanaknnn...hahaha3..
P/s= all my fren rindu kn kuliah..but me..mcm xmau naik sem cpt ja...hahah3

Sunday, April 4, 2010

i'm getting older now............

to my mother...

I really love my mother,
And it surely makes me proud,
To know I’m one of her kids,
And to sing her praises loud.
My mother has a birthday,
Almost every year,
And on that day she’ll ponder life,
And even shed a tear.
See, Ma don’t like her birthdays;
She says they make her old,
But she’s as sharp as she ever was,
If the truth be told.
My mother showed me lots of things,
About the world, you see,
So then I could teach my self,
The things my mom taught me.
Thank goodness for you, mom. Where would I be without you?
Happy Birthday 2 me!

p/s=^^ did i get a lot of present?? yes it is...yeah!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


erm...yeah! i got my result maybe x leh compare dgn 21 A tu..but at least i'm credit all subject, alhamdulliah, at first i wanna cry coz its unexpected result..but bila pikir balik allah must plan something and i should more thankful even i felt want to cry..but its okay la..kiraan merit mmg susah..if time can change hope bleh tukar blik pada A1,A2...bleh dpt more A lols..

so..after all this..i keep thinking samada nk teruskn STAM atau tak..coz susah la..5 days straight, 3 paper 1 days,1 papers 2 subject..very hards.....!! ohw..respect pada bdk2 yg byk dpt mumtaz..^^
nak apply smua la..but my mum kata better gi makhtab senang dpt kerja...but tgok la klo de rezeki,good result is fine but rezeki di mana we still dont know...

now..i'm glad everything is over (SPM)...and i'm so happy my dad and whole family proud of me..
for all SPM 2009 student happy with your result and do not up set and dont too happy^^ the world still not over yet,pada yg byk dpt A tu...(i heard only 10As for this it true?) congrats and good job!! for my not look down,and do not show off.....just take a time and calm...alhamdulliah i'm passed!!!

p/s=now just focus on my JPJ test............O.o

Saturday, March 6, 2010

seriously...i'm so freaking nervous (SPM result)


ah..mcm mne ni...sejak 2 menjak ni..tdo x lena,mandi,makan,belajar pun asyik dok mikir jer..
dorang kata dh sure 11/12 march ni result kuar...rasa nak nangis jer (dh nngis pon)..i hope its good result for me..tapi bila pikir balik time peksa spm tu..paper prinsip perakaunan and bahasa arab tinggi susah jugak..soalan nyer mmg perah otak..bdk2 lain pun dok kata cam lagi seram ner ni...oktokaji? (what should i do?)

kali ni aq percaya usaha ku..redha and just calm deja..!! doa byk2 pada ALLAH moga2 diperkenan kan permintaan ku ni..(byk kali gak dorg told me about this) i believe i can matter what aq dh berusaha sungguh2..i trust all my best..ya Allah tolong lah hamba mu ini..
moga2 keputusan ini dpt mengembirakn hati kedua ibubapa ku..Amin..
..tiba2 lak aq dgr balik lgu ni..

"i believe i can fly...i believe i can touch the sky......." (wanna see the sky now..too bad its night now..i cant see anything else dark)

p/s=wish me good everyone..Amin,

Saturday, February 6, 2010


suke2 sgt...i just finishing my kpp test (driving license)...^^ first at all..i freaking nervous lor..
my friend failed 2 times for dis,,they told me to be careful klo x kne repeat and repeat ..wak2 last weekend,I gi ceramah 5 jam (its not 5 hours..more than that) definitely good at first but then became so la time tu dh nk petang mmg ngantuk2 sgt,then my teacher said "okay..pilih hari yer utk test kpp...bce jgn x bce nnti kne ulang"..pas balik jer kiter terus search for kpp test but its not helped at all,pas2 bace je la buku KPP tu..>>>>>>>>>>
di cpt kn cerita..ha3,pgi tdi kuar pkl 10am and then gi register pas2 tunggu2 dlm 2 hours auntie tu pun called my name..argh tkot seh..pas bce2 doa then off the phone,soalan nyer okay lah jugak utk jwp..seriously,my hand really cold and shaking smbil pggang mouse..lpas dh isi 50 soalan.. pc pun tnye nk ulang x..ha3,so i repeat to check my answer..then i click yes to view my score...
OMG...speechless lor..i'm scored 49/50...alhamdulillah,kuar dri bilik ujian for scan my card then auntie told me to wait coz other chinese boy de masalah dgn finger dia..x leh scan,thats why whole waiting room laugh out loud,,but my hand still shaking..ya ampun mcm ambik result pe tah..he3..but i proud my self and hopefully the good thing for next step..yeah,deja hwaiting!!!

p/s=my sis is my kpp test,but then why u left me!!! i wanna go CS too...!! why dont u wait for me??...dont want talk to you..huh